Design Build is a construction project delivery system where the design and construction aspects are contracted to a single entity known as the design-builder.  This system reduces the project risk for an owner and the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phrase of a project.  

The hallmark of a Design Build project is that one organisation is responsible for both the design and construction of the project.  Design Build focuses on combining the design, permit and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment. 

At Urban we truly believe in this method of project delivery. 

Benefits of Design Build:

  • Saves the owner money and time on the overall project.
  • Higher possibility of meeting expectations.
  • Shorter delivery period.
  • Allows the owner to choose and select from a selection of subcontractors and vendors.
  • Uses the "partnering" of all participants who have, as their goal, the completion of a successful project on time and on budget.
  • Enhances teamwork for the benefit of the project.