The pre-construction phase is the most important state of a project and actions / decisions made during this period can significantly affect the budget, schedule and quality of a project. Effective planning is vitally important to the successful outcome of every project, and Urban provides comprehensive pre-construction services.

We analyse and make suggestions on the most cost-effective methods of construction, materials, equipment, resource allocation and scheduling while maintaining budgetary constraints.Having partnered with design firms and architects ,we work together seamlessly for the best interest of the owner/project.

The following services are included in our pre-construction stage:

  • Concept development and outline proposals
  • Schematic Design and Design Development
  • Site identification and selection.
  • Conduct Value Analysis of Construction Methods and Materials
  • Leadership in Design Meetings with Architect and Engineers
  • Development of Construction Documents
  • Procure and Evaluate Competitive Subcontractor and Supplier Bids
  • Develop Preliminary Construction Schedules and Cash flow projections.
  • Develop Project Budget/Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Assistance in Obtaining Building Permits and statutory approvals