Message from The CEO

Your choice of a general contractor represents more than the first step in the building process. It determines the time frame in which your project is completed, its overall cost, the quality of the end product as well as your peace of mind during the entire construction process.

At URBAN CONCRETE, that’s something we take very seriously. We know there are other general contractors that can provide a complete range of services, but it takes a different kind of company to deliver those services within the context of your specific requirements. Every job is different. Every client is different. For us, that's what makes the job interesting and challenging. For our clients, this perspective is what makes us their contractor of choice. 

Urban has created and completed several of projects of different types, sizes and magnitude. We have surpassed the expectations of a growing and satisfied clientele. Our professionalism, precision, and performance are unmatched in this industry. Please contact any of our clients, so you can hear from the people who know us best.

Michael W.
Team Leader & CEO